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Changing Your Life Coaching
Coaching People to Achieve Life-Changing Goals and Dreams

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- Who I Serve
Are you wondering how to manage your life and career successfully?
how to deal with stress
How determined are you to put your life in order?
how to change your life

I work with Professionals who are seeking long-lasting solutions to challenges in their lives or who simply wants to change their life for the better in order to live happier, healthier and more meaningful.  I offer coaching which focuses on career development, communication skills, leadership skills, life balance and self-care, gaining clarity in their business and personal life, managing time effectively, interpersonal conflict management, and reducing stress in their home and work life. 

Does this sound like you? 

You are overwhelmed with responsibilities and issues at home, work, parenting, homework, school activities, volunteering, job duties, lack of time for yourself, your priorities, relationships, deadlines to meet, taking care of or helping your elderly parents.  You may be able to claim some of these or all.  However many of these you can claim, you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to properly take care of everything or to have quality time for the ones most important to you in your life, or yourself. 

You are not quite sure how to manage your work and home life in a way which will:

Contribute to you relieving stress in your professional and personal life.

Enable you to have time to care for yourself and your needs as you desire.

Allow you the time to spend with whom and on what is most important to you.

Promote you in being more productive at work and home, increasing your chances of success.

Help you to be a better leader both professionally and personally.

Help you to communicate more effectively at work and home.

Help you to achieve having the job, promotion, or career you want.

Help you to learn how to manage interpersonal conflicts positively at home and work.

You need help in staying focused and in continuing to move forward once you make a decision to start carrying out the necessary activities which will help you to start changing your life.  You are successful at doing these activities for a month or two.  Suddenly, something or someone distracts you halting your progress.  Presently, you are planning to start again, but still have not to this day.

You are not quite sure where to start or what steps to take. 
Once you decide to begin working towards goals that will help you to relax, find a new job or career, or increase your chances of success professionally or personally, so that you are able to reduce your worries, have a job or career that is rewarding, and achieve your life aspirations.

You need help to remain dedicated to do what is necessary to change your life and start living as you have always imagined, building the legacy you want for your life.  You know that if you have someone that is motivating and supporting you that you could accomplish what you desire for your life.

You do not believe that you are able to achieve your personal goals
for bringing about change in your life in order to live the life you desire. 

Could We Work Together?

You are likely to be successful in working with me and obtaining the goals you desire for making changes in your life and building a legacy you crave if you . . .

Are ready and committed to do what is necessary to make changes in your life.

Understand that change only happens, when you take action.

Genuinely want help with achieving your life aspirations and building the legacy you long for.

Are honest and open-minded to exploring ways for turning your life around to be what you always dreamed it would be.

Since you know the type of clients I serve, problems I help them to overcome, and what is necessary for them to achieve their ultimate results visit here to find out How I Work.

Favored Enterprises
520 West Ponce De Leon Avenue
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