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You just registered for the Gain Clarity And Direction for Overcoming Challenges During Difficult Times Webinar.  The link to the webinar will be sent to your email shortly.  Before you go to your inbox, I would like to give you an opportunity to join the next Group Coaching Program called, Build Resilience to Manage Your Journey Through Difficult Changes.  It is an extension of the webinar and goes in more depth.  Watch the video below or spend time reading this page for more information about the group coaching program.
Build Resilience to Manage Your Journey Through Difficult Changes
6 Weeks Group Coaching Program

An approach to gain clarity about yourself and situation during
difficulty and feeling empowered to move forward with confidence
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Imagine managing emotional challenges during difficult times, so that you are able to build resilience, better manage stressors, be more confident, and make better decisions for determining the best approach for positively moving forward.
Group Coaching Program
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of the 6 weeks group coaching program.
It can be challenging . . .

When difficult or unforeseen circumstances we have no control over negatively impact our lives, it causes us to experience troubling thoughts and emotions.  The uncertainty of how to think or feel about the situation can be challenging.  As a result, you may feel confused, frustrated, stressed, or anxious.  You may not be quite sure how to overcome your emotions in order to positively move forward with some level of confidence.  

Not dealing with overwhelming thoughts and emotions can cause you to not think clearly and make decisions that are not in your best interest.  These unmanaged thoughts and feelings can cause you to focus only on the problem or worse-case scenario.  Learning to manage your thoughts and emotions can help to change your perspective to be more positive and find opportunities for overcoming or adjusting to your situation. 

It is hard to see the opportunities that may exist, because you are only focusing on the negatives that exist for how you may be thinking, feeling, or perceiving the situation.  Your negative thinking blocks your ability to see the potential within yourself and the positive possibilities that may lie ahead.  As a result, you may be missing the possibility that this may be the best time in your life to start something new, adventurous, purposeful, and meaningful.  For instance, possibilities of a new venture, job, career, major life change, chance to pursue a life-long dream, or more.

Your dilemma is you are stressed, frustrated, or afraid of the current difficulty and are letting fear stop you from positively thinking through the situation and how to pursue it.  You lack belief in yourself and you doubt your abilities to successfully overcome the circumstance, resulting in lack of confidence, hopelessness, no direction, frustration, lack of energy, no peace of mind, and unhappiness.

You realize . . .

You are dealing with a lot of different emotions due to a difficult situation and are not sure how to control your feelings.  You know you need to find a solution that will help you be emotionally successful in getting through the difficulty.  Because if not, you know that the difficult circumstance is not good for you personally, professionally, and for others in your life.

You are having a hard time dealing with the situation and become stressed and anxious.  You do not want to hurriedly move forward in fear, without first examining the situation and thinking things through, because it could result in creating more problems.  You do not want to give up and do nothing, because it could cause you to be more miserable, suffering through the situation never making any positive changes or progress. 

You are not sure where to start, what to do, or what all will be necessary for you to overcome discouraging thoughts and emotions due to difficulty.  You want to gain clarity on how to move forward in dealing with the reality of the difficulty.  You would like to discover more about who you are, build resilience, explore, and conquer your emotions regarding the difficulty.  As a result, you are able to move confidently forward in your struggle creating purpose and meaning in your home and work life. 

You realize it is important for you and other people in your life, that you successfully manage your thoughts and emotions as you deal with the matter.

Based on the difficulty you are experiencing you may be feeling or asking yourself:
Am I making the right choice?  Is this really what I want to do? 

Afraid of taking the risk - wondering what will happen if I fail?  What is my plan B? 

What if I cannot go back to before?  What will I do? 

What can I do that is not as risky?  Would I be happy doing it?

How will I feel about myself and life if I do not try? 

What will those close to me in my life think? 

How will I deal with people who try to talk me out of my decision? 

Will I let negative comments from people stop me? 

How can I improve my confidence to follow through on my decision?  Do I have what it takes?

When you experience a problem you are not quite sure how to approach which overwhelms you, do you allow your thoughts and feelings lead you to believe there are too many obstacles to overcome? 

It can be very scary when your life is suddenly changed due to difficulties.  Some problems in life will make you feel like giving up, hopeless, frustrated, or confused regarding how you should react and move forward. 

You can overcome challenges . . .

It can be challenging to manage your negative emotions in order to overcome the difficulty.  It is understandable how doubt, fear, and lack of confidence can overpower your positive viewpoint, which may prevent you from moving forward.  Getting the support and guidance necessary to get through it can help you to better manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in dealing with the issue.  As a result, you will eventually learn how to think, feel, and react to difficulty more positively, so you are able to make progress moving forward to achieve what you want. 

Unfortunately, there are negative situations that happen which impact our lives.  However, you do not have to surrender to it no matter how hard it may be.  You have the authority to make decisions, regarding how you will live your best life based on what is happening to you.  After all, how helpful is it to you to let discouraging circumstances out of your control, determine how you feel and live your life?  You should be living a life in which you feel you are mostly in control.  Only you get to decide how you think, feel, and behave about what happens to you and how you will move forward.

Build Resilience to Manage Your Journey Through Difficult Changes
6 Weeks Group Coaching Program

This program is designed to take you from uncertainty to gaining clarity.  The purpose is to provide you with tools and techniques to help you positively manage your thoughts and feelings and build resilience during challenging situations and uncertain times.  Helping you to think clearly in making decisions and feel more empowered and confident to take action in dealing with the situation.
Get your questions answered and find out more about
the program to decide if it is a good fit for you.
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How This Program Will Benefit You
Discovering more about who you are, building resilience, and empowering you to determine how to best approach the situation with integrity. 

Increasing your confidence to move forward with assurance to handle the problem in a way that is most important to you and your beliefs.

Helping you to learn how you can feel in more control of how to deal with the situation in which you have an impact and can make a difference in your life.

Helping you learn how to start letting go of what is preventing you from moving forward in being your best self when dealing with the difficulty.

Conquering your thoughts and emotions, so that you are able to positively move forward, deciding on changes to make for improving your circumstance.

How to recognize what is in your control, accepting it, and taking action.

Tools and techniques you can always use to help you in managing your challenging thoughts and emotions and build resilience during difficult times and situations.
This Program Is For You If . . .
You are dealing with a major difficult situation or change, having to make a significant decision, finding peace for a worrisome situation, or just want to be prepared for future situations. 

You are dealing with troubling thoughts and emotions which take control of how you view the situation and you are not quite sure how to overcome it.  You want to learn how to manage it in order to have a more positive outlook about the situation and your life.

You are ready to discover who you are and want to gain clarity on how to create purpose and meaning in your professional and personal life in difficult times. 

You want to build resilience, improve your belief in yourself and abilities, and feel empowered to positively find solutions and make decisions based on reason and truth in order to move forward with confidence in your life.

You want to establish goals and make progress towards your goals for overcoming or adjusting to the difficult situation.

You want to gain resources, tools, and techniques to help you conquer your undesirable thoughts and emotions. 

You want to be able to withstand the duration of the problem and itsí consequences, while building resilience for maintaining your well-being. 

You want to have support and guidance as you step out of your comfort zone, trying different approaches for managing your thoughts and feelings as you work through the issue. 

Some Things That Will
Contribute to Your Success
During the Program
Having the desire, time, and making the effort to stay committed throughout the length of the program.

Being open-minded to other perspectives and ways of doing things.

Making sure you are taking consistent action steps toward achieving your aspirations.

Holding yourself accountable and if necessary, open to others holding you accountable.

Be responsible for the decisions you make and actions you take.

Being willing to be open and honest in assessing your professional and personal life in order to truly achieve what you want for conquering your negative thoughts and emotions in order to deal with the difficulty.
Here is What You Are Going to Get in the Build Resilience to Manage
Your Journey Through Difficult Changes 6 Weeks Group
Coaching Program
This program will help:

You by being coached to learn how to be more resilient during difficult life situations.

You to deal with and manage your difficult thoughts and emotions, so that you have more clarity and are no longer feeling hopeless and stressed.

You build resilience, so that you maintain your well-being and feel more energized when experiencing difficulties.

You have a more positive outlook on the impact to your life and begin to seek opportunities that may be available to you.

You feel more hopeful and confident in the decisions you make as you move forward.

You have more clarity regarding possible changes you may need to make to improve your situation and life.

You have the opportunity to be associated with and share your experiences with a group of people that are dealing with difficult situations or major changes in their lives and are working towards adapting in order to move forward positively.

You create a plan of action and be held accountable for working towards achieving your goals for being more resilient during difficult times.

You by providing exercises, tools, techniques, and actions to take between sessions.
Program Modules

Managing Negative Thoughts
and Limiting Beliefs
Learning to Take Control
of What You Can
Gain Clarity for Making
the Best Decisions

Understanding and Managing
Your Difficult Emotions
Building Resilience for Your Journey
Through Change & Well-Being
Plan of Action for How
You Will Deal with the
Challenging Situation and
Move Forward Positively
The group program offers you an opportunity to: 

Attend 6 weekly group coaching sessions to be coached, supported, and guided through the program to help you reach the results you want.

Be part of a group of people in which you feel understood, because everyone is working towards improving in the same areas as you.

Be accountable and take action to improve your skills for building resilience, learning to manage your difficult thoughts and emotions, plus more during adversity, by using the tools, techniques, exercises, and what you have learned between sessions.

Be in a group environment in which you feel comfortable sharing your experiences, successes, and challenges, and learning from others who do the same.

Be noticed and recognized for your progress and feeling a sense of accomplishment as you make progress in achieving the results you established for yourself.

Some People Who Have Worked With Me Say  . . .
Before being coached by Mae Newsome I was very unhappy with the direction my life and career was headed. I felt very stagnant and complacent.

After the coaching I was excited about making some changes in my life, as well as, career. The assessment made me aware of things about myself that I allowed to be suppressed within me. There were things that I thought about doing or wanted to do but wouldn't take the time or set the goals and follow thru with them, which changed after the coaching.  It helped me to see my potential things that were always there.  It helped me to become more motivated to set goals and follow thru with goals that I set for myself.

It changed my overall perspective of myself with my career.  I've been applying for positions within the company, as well as, outside for greater opportunities that would challenge me.  In my personal life it's changed my way of thinking and my outlook when it comes to what I'm capable of accomplishing.

Carolyn C., Sandy Springs, Georgia
Over the last two months in working with Mae, I have grown as a person and professional. I was struggling to discipline myself and staying focused on completing projects. Mae provided me the tools, support, and guidance that I needed to clearly identify my goals and to stay on track. As a result, I was able to shift my priorities and only focus on what mattered most and could accomplish a lot more than I had in the past. Today, I feel more confident in myself and my abilities. I am moving my business forward and doing so with ease and enjoyment thanks to Mae and her outstanding coaching.

Thank you Mae for helping me to change and I wish you continued success in your quest to help others in their journey.


- Troy P., Edmonton, Alberta
I truly enjoyed having Mae as my coach. I would work with her again and refer her to others. Mae helped me find my clarity and direction, kept me focused on my goals, and help me uncover and overcome some limiting beliefs that were holding me back from making progress in my business. She did this in a very compassionate way. I never felt that she condescended to me in a negative way. The coaching experience was enjoyable and productive. I'm very grateful.

Lori B., Brandon, Florida
Your Instructor
ICF Credentialed Certified Professional Coach

As an (ICF) credentialed Certified Professional Coach I follow the ICF (International Coaching Federation) code of ethics for professional coaching. I have been coaching since 2013 and have over two decades of corporate experience.

I empower you to live a healthier, happier, and more meaningful life.  I strongly believe everyone has a purpose in life. While coaching you I carefully listen to understand you and your aspirations.  I honestly and genuinely want to support and guide you in gaining clarity and discovering purpose in your life, so that you are able to create and achieve goals for living a better life in the future.  I am committed to you and genuinely care about supporting you and providing value. 

Certified Resilience Practitioner

As a Certified Resilience Practitioner, I work with you to explore and discover how you can become more resilient for moving forward positively during adversity or major difficult changes in your life.  We will explore your situation, your perspectives, your thoughts and emotions, plus more and work together in helping you to gain clarity about yourself, life, circumstance, and build resilience, so you feel more energized, less stressed, and empowered to determine the best approach for you to move forward in dealing with and overcoming the adversity with confidence and clarity.

How I Help

I offer programs designed to empower, support, and motivate you in achieving the results you want for living a vibrant and rewarding life.  I realize how confusing it can be when you have life ambitions you are not quite sure how to pursue and need to make decisions for how to move forward.  It is very rewarding for me to support and guide you through your journey.  I strive to help you gain clarity, by discovering purpose and meaning in your life, so that you have a clear direction for how to move forward.

I work with you to identify major sources of problems, limiting beliefs, and behaviors preventing you from achieving your life aspirations.  Address issues, helping you to find sustainable solutions that will empower you to make progress in achieving your ambitions for living a more meaningful and enjoyable life.

I believe coaching is a great way to sow into a person and I am committed to working with you to achieve your ultimate sought after results for overcoming challenges in order to achieve your goals and become more resilient for changing your life. 
Group Coaching Program
$1,050 Value

You Pay:  $497

Build Resilience to Manage Your
Journey Through Difficult Changes
6 Weeks Group Coaching Program


The program is 6 weeks. 
If you decide the program is not for you prior to the start date you can receive a full refund.  After the program has started, then you can receive a prorated refund based on the date we receive your email notice for withdrawing from the program.
Get your questions answered and find out more about
the program to decide if it is a good fit for you.
Register Now!
You can still schedule a 15 Minute Call
once you have registered
Group Coaching Program
You are responsible for how successfully these tools and techniques in the program work for you. The topics covered need to be practiced consistently overtime in order for you to fully benefit from it.  Everyone is unique and will have different results and timeframes for seeing benefits the program can provide.  Even afterwards, you will need to revisit, reflect, and keep practicing what you learned.  Eventually, if you are consistently self-aware and practice what you learned, then somethings may become a habit for you.  If you are dealing with a major change in your life, which is causing you trauma, then you may need to seek help from a medical professional and not totally rely on this program.

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